Welcome to the 2 minute AMRAP day!  Enjoy...


2min AMRAP: 5 lateral burpees over barbell, 3 TnG power snatch (55% of 1rm)

rest 2

2min AMRAP: 5 wall balls, 10 double unders

rest 2

2min AMRAP: 10 kb swings (70/53), 5 goblet squats

rest 2

2min AMRAP: max calorie row

rest 2

2min AMRAP: 5 hang power cleans (snatch load),  7 air squats


rest 5min


repeat in a different order



1. If you don't have a recent 1rm, use a load that you can TnG 5 PS with perfect form.

2. 80-90% effort, sustainable pace.

3. Focus on breathing and smooth controlled movements throughout.

4. DO NOT speed out the back end of AMRAPs.