CrossFit is…

CrossFit is NOT a fad. CrossFit is NOT dangerous. In fact, it’s not dangerous at all, if you have the RIGHT coaches, you know how to listen to your body, and allow yourself to go at your own pace. CrossFit is NOT only for young people. CrossFit is NOT mainly geared towards elite athletes. CrossFit is not extreme. CrossFit is NOT only for super fit folks. And… CrossFit is NOT going away, thank goodness!

Here is what CrossFit is…your own personal growth inside and out. CrossFit doesn’t just challenge you physically, it takes you deep into your competitive soul, touching you mentally and emotionally in ways you might not have even been aware of before you started. All you have to do is look around the room each day at CrossFit Five Cities. People gather to workout, to compete together, to support one another, to celebrate progress, and to ALWAYS cheer for each other. The community feeling of a CrossFit box is one of the main reasons many people leave their local gyms and find other ways to exercise.

Unlike the typical sounds at a local gym of weight machines, cardio equipment, TV’s and social chatter; at a box you’ll most likely hear the sounds of athletes hootin’ and hollerin’ for their peers. You’ll see it, you’ll feel it, all you have to do is show up at a local box on a busy weekday morning at 5:45am or any weeknight around 6pm. There are many benefits to a CrossFit workout, physical and mental. The toughness you grow has only to do with yourself and your motivation. It’s just you against you.

CrossFit is an automatic bond.

CrossFit is a second family, to some the only family.

CrossFit is healthy.

CrossFit is life changing.

CrossFit is different.

CrossFit is friends.

CrossFit is empowering.

CrossFit is self-esteem.

CrossFit is determination.

CrossFit is confidence.

CrossFit is commitment.

CrossFit is fearless.

CrossFit is life.


Carolyn "CJ" Silas

Personal Coach



(805) 295-9151