Dear Universe, it’s me Carolyn Jo...

Today is a good day.

I’m alive.

I woke up feeling healthy.

My dog smiled at me and gave me some love before 7am.

I walked my beautiful neighborhood with “Inde” by my side and we put our feet in the sand.

I have a semi-full fridge with real food, mostly fruits and veggies.

I will workout today at CrossFit Five Cities.

I will hike up a hill with a good friend and enjoy the beautiful coastline.

I apologize for any complaining, as I am pretty darn grateful to have so much to live for and such beauty around me!

I will drink up the glorious love around me and feel honored to be in an amazing place, full of wonderful people.

Even on the bad days Universe, I am here, present in my own skin, ready to conquer whatever comes my way. Others have it worse, others are sad or in pain, others need strength around them. I will offer that in any way I can, from my heart.

Though my life is far from perfect, I get through the tough stuff as quickly as possible. If not, I go to sleep early and try again tomorrow.

If we’re lucky Universe, we’ll get a tomorrow, if not, I’ll do my best today!


What would you tell the Universe? Make it count!


Carolyn “CJ” Silas

Personal Coach