1. a return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength

Rest and recovery are essential for muscle growth, athletic performance and injury prevention. Lifting and athletic activity damages your muscles; recovery is vital to their growth and repair. It's very easy to neglect the importance of rest and recovery after performing hard workouts.



If you're into health and longevity, (which I hope most of you are), your understanding of "recovery" needs to be very clear. Your ability to "recover" from the intense workouts that you do are critical for your abilities to do them more often, over and over, at your full potential. 

For some of you who follow a 3on/1off/2on/1off schedule, you have 2 rest days per week. But what are really doing on those rest days? For others, you just WOD until it hurts so bad, (maybe 4 days, maybe 7 days), that you're forced to take a day off. <----NOT the best plan by the way! 

Something to understand about your ability to do this for a really long time; YOU HAVE TO LET YOUR BODY REST! 

The human body can only handle so much abuse. The amount of abuse each person can handle is widely dependent upon ones lifestyle choices, sleep habits, nutrition, stressors……….the list goes on. 

Intro the Z1 recovery activities; 

Z1 recovery activities 30-60min, 3-5x per week. (Yes, this widely depends on your lifestyle and what you are willing to commit to your health and longevity)

Z1 is referring to an aerobic level of intensity based on heart rate. The Z1 level is a VERY low effort with NO intensity at all (think walking on the beach, a mellow hike, a slow relaxing swim, a slow cruise on the air dyne or rower........or maybe a combination of all of the above)



This will play a VERY, VERY, VERY LARGE role in your recovery as well as your longevity in this program/sport. Did I mention VERY LARGE?!

To put it simply: for every really hard, intense effort you do, you should have a Z1 session to follow it up. Either immediately afterward or the next day upon waking in a fasted state.

Try to implement these into your life and let us know how you feel!