veggie HERO

veggie HERO

Weight loss, athletic performance, general health and day to day energy starts from how you feed your body. The outcomes of these are ultimately determined from how YOUR body absorbs and disburses nutrients consumed. If you continually struggle with weight loss, athletic performance, poor health or lack of energy it’s time to ask yourself some VERY important NUTRITIONAL questions. Nutrition is confusing and overwhelming when you don’t have a little guidance in the right direction. Sometimes it’s easy to miss the small things that make a HUGE difference! Below is a questionnaire for you to fill out and email back to me at nicole@beyondweight4life.com. Once I get your email I will review your responses and email you back some personalized tips that will help you along your nutritional journey!


  • 1- What are the top 5 foods you crave?

  • 2- Do you eat out of emotional, celebratory or boredom?

  • 3- What do you feel is a balanced meal?

  • 4- Have you been struggling with weight loss for more than 3 months?

  • 5- What do you think is a great pre and post-workout meal?

  • 6- What obstacles seem to get in your way with meeting your nutritional goals?

I look forward to reading your responses!