It's here!!! Opening day of The 2014 CrossFit OPEN!  WOD 14.1 gets released today at 5pm!! 

The OPEN is probably the MOST EXCITING 5 weeks of the season for CrossFit communities! We are SO STOKED to have so much participation this year! We currently have 48 members (some veterans, some brand new to the sport) competing this year! 

A few key points to remember: 

  • You aren't going to get any more fit to prepare, the work is done, GAME DAY IS HERE!  
  • Be prepared to give 120% effort every Friday! 
  • Set  a GOAL. You should have a goal on how many rounds or reps you want to complete each workout. Having this goal will help you establish a plan. "Failing to plan is planning to fail"
  • FITNESS is a JOURNEY. It's a life long process to be FIT. The OPEN is a time to test that! 
  • HAVE FUN! This 5 week test is guaranteed to push you to limits you never knew existed. Your C5 Family is here to help you through that! In the end, it's about empowerment, inspiration, achievements and understanding how to HAVE FUN through it all! 
  • If you're doing the OPEN WOD on Friday's, Thursday should be a rest day/skill work/mobility. If it's not a rest day (maybe because you missed yesterday or several days during the week), you should only be running at 80% effort so you are ready to give 120% effort for the OPEN WOD! 


20 TGU (moderate) *10ea arm


15min handstand walk skill work/progressions


4 rounds:

-20sec handstand hold

-10 jumping squats

-10 V-ups

*rest 30sec between rounds