Show up for yourself…make YOU a priority!


What keeps you from taking care of yourself? Is it your work, family, partner, exhaustion, body aches, lack of time, procrastination, school, health issues?


If there are 168 hours in a week how can you plan at least 1-2 hours each day for yourself, your body, and your mind. If you do this, if you commit to this, there’s no question, it will benefit everyone around you, but most importantly YOU!


Whether it’s drinking enough water each day, or exercising on a regular basis, taking time to relax, breathing fresh air, forgiving yourself, meditating, eating fresh fruit & veggies, fueling your body for your lifestyle, being transparent in personal relationships, practicing self-care, honoring your own thoughts and desires…these are ways we take care of ourselves.


It is easy to get distracted, to find something better to do rather than taking care of YOU. You won’t be serving others when you get rundown, distracted, tired, grumpy, snappy or bratty because you’re hungry, dehydrated, tired, or unfulfilled.


Do it, take some of those 168 hours for yourself. Take a walk barefoot on the beach, go for a swim, run around the neighborhood with the dog, or maybe even alone.


How can you commit to showing up for yourself? Will you move yourself to the top of your list?

Those small moments you take for yourself benefit everyone around you and nourish your mind, body and soul.


Do it!

YOU, and everyone around you will thank you for it!

If you need some ideas, just ask!


Cheers to you!


Carolyn “CJ” Silas

Personal Coach

(805) 295-9151