Hearing your inner voice,

                                    ...Listening to it

                                                    ...Believing it

A crucial part of our healthy routine and lifestyle is the mental component. How we talk to ourselves inside and what we say with our inner voice.

This may seem too deep, but it’s vital to our overall well being.

This is one part of building our confidence and then using it to our advantage. Whether you’re an athlete, new to working out, coming back from an injury or looking to get your healthy body on track. All of these work in a partnership with our mind, to grow, strengthen and heal our bodies.

It’s easy to stay positive on the outside, and even to sound confident. But, to really be in that space and present with yourself, is not a simple task. Meditation helps, morning affirmations can do the trick, but to really go deep and get to the point where you truly believe it, all on your own, takes some work.

The first step, find out where and when in your life the confidence began to disappear or came into question. Looking back at our childhood, relationship with parents and siblings as well as other mentors, teachers, coaches and older relatives is a start.

Playing the blame game isn’t the best way to go about clearing up the old patterns or baggage. But, just the awareness of those instances will be a great beginning. Take a minute or two each day to celebrate the best in you, the good stuff. It doesn’t have to be some formal meditation or written statement. But, once you see the old patterns and they show up or get triggered, you’ll be able to recognize the moment when you need to dig deeper and stay in the positive.

When is the last time you felt confident, really confident in your hear and soul? Go there, cherish the memory and use it, think about it, remind yourself of the time, place and experience. You can re-charge or re-program those inner voices all on your own!

If you hear your inner voice, listen to it more often, then the believing part comes organically, all on its own.

Hear it, listen to it, believe it...now is your time!


Carolyn “CJ” Silas

Personal Coach

(805) 295-9151