it'll Planning for some changes in 2016

New Year’s resolutions tend to seem like a great idea, even at times sound awesome, and feel good…that is, until around January 18th.

We all want to better ourselves and do something to change bad habits at the beginning of a new calendar year.

Rather than make these hard to keep resolutions, how about trying to create plans for a new Life, Wealth and Get Out of Debt Intention Statement.

This seems more realistic. It’s not about going hardcore ending certain habits or comforts. Instead, it’s about recreating our life vision, establishing a way to save and clearing up old financial and emotional debt.

Living in the moment is a wonderful practice and helpful to find a way to enjoy something each day, even in the midst of some stress and conflict. But, planning for our future, not one year at a time is also pretty darn helpful.

So what does that look like? How can we plan for financial, personal and spiritual wealth while living moment to moment and clearing up old debt and emotional baggage?

It isn’t easy, but if you commit to it on a daily basis, you WILL succeed. Though it may take a few mistakes and mulligans (do overs) along the way.

Remember, this is NOT going to be easy, it will use some extra energy and it'll take a few extra minutes. But, I promise it WILL change your life and you will never have to make a new years resolution again!

Use a pad of paper, a note app in your phone or a word document on your computer.

Write down a brief list of what you owe financially. Then write down what emotional debt you are carrying around with you each day.

Then use four sentences or less, and write what your life would look like if those issues were either resolved or put in a box somewhere to be opened only once in a while. Now, put this aside for a day, a couple days, or even a week. Then, go back to it, read it over and make any needed changes. Keep it close by, somewhere where you can look at it once in a while. Then, in a month or so re-visit it. Notice what’s happened energetically, emotionally and financially.

I’ll check back with you, help you hold yourself accountable and cheer for your accomplishments. This is for you, and for you only. This will be your very own Life, Wealth and Get Out of Debt Intention Statement.


Carolyn “CJ” Silas

Personal Coach

(805) 295-9151