We now offer 9am classes Monday through Friday!!


Fitness Journey;

An evolving process of physical, mental, and emotional growth which lead to MY desired fitness goals. 

This is the CrossFit Five Cities definition of a Fitness Journey. We believe it so much, we had shirts made to promote it!

The key word here; EVOLVING. As you evolve as an individual on your journey, so do your goals, your expectations, your decision making, your motivators, your abilities......etc.

Wherever you currently sit on your journey, we hope you understand that we are here for YOU!

Whether you're dealing with injury, lack of motivation, a change in your fitness goals, feel like you're not enjoying the "group" setting anymore, want to focus on more specific things, want to lift more, want to row more......etc. Whatever the case may be, know that the CrossFit Five Cities organization is designed to help you succeed with whatever your goals are! We have just under a dozen professional, qualified coaches of all different fitness related backgrounds who can help guide and direct you in the direction that is right for YOU!

There's a lot that goes on here at CrossFit Five Cities behind the scenes and outside of the "typical" class time that you may attend.

If/when you are ever seeking guidance on your journey, don't hesitate to contact me directly.

Make it a great week of Fitness friends!!