At CrossFit Five Cities, we value each and every one of our members goals and strive to help you achieve them! This means that we invest a ton of time into reviewing our communities workout results and into our programming, always seeking the most effective ways to help everyone progress toward their goals of AWESOMENESS!! As our community has grown over the past 5 years, so has our programming. As most can see, our level of programming has progressed to a point where it's tough for a new person to step into regular classes and catch on quickly. There is so much to grasp and so much going on in one day. 

We hope that everyone understands the BIG PICTURE of fitness and that there is no "one-size-fits-all program" that will help everyone achieve their specific goals. This is why we scale and modify in a CrossFit program. Outside of exclusive programming and/or personal training, offering our new 3 levels of programming is the next best thing to accommodate all of the different fitness levels within our community. 

Our goal with the new programs is to "accommodate", not "segregate". Understand that each of us has a different set of goals. Some want to qualify for the CrossFit Regionals or Games, some want to compete in local competitions, some want to do more Olympic lifting, some want to just get stronger, faster, more powerful, more flexible, more agile, increase cardio endurance and stamina, or perhaps all of the above. For some, they just want to stay at a balanced, healthy fitness level and have fun working out in the awesome C5 environment that you, the community, has created! 

The new levels of programming offer just that to each member. A program to follow that is tailored more towards your individual goals. Understand that you don't have to remain in any program for a specific amount of time, you can move from one to the other as you see fit. You aren't "labelled" a beginner or advanced athlete by the program you choose to follow as they have been developed to help everyone achieve the common goal of becoming more awesome……..in a design that fits your current fitness level. You can also modify any program to accommodate your current fitness level. You will however, get the most benefit from sticking with a program for 60-90days and not bouncing around as they are all progressive and designed to help you progress. These programs are our way of offering more value to your C5 membership. 

The C5 Staff is always here to answer any questions you may have on your journey! 

Here's to your fitness! 



w/in 20min, build to a 1rep squat clean


5min AMRAP:

1 squat clean (80%)

2 bar facing burpees

2 squat cleans

4 bar facing burpees

3 squat cleans

6 bar facing burpees

4 squat cleans

8 bar facing burpees

…………continue up the ladder for 5min



1. compare to score from 8/29