1. the quality or habit of adhering to an appointed time

Approximately every 4-5 months, we have to remind the community about this little word; punctuality.

Growing up, I was always taught that being 10-15min early to the scheduled time meant that you were "on time".

In today's fast pace life, it seems that showing up for your 11am appointment at 11:01am or even 5min late is the norm for many people in our society.

Within the CrossFit Five Cities community, most of you understand the importance of showing up early to a scheduled class time; to check in, put your gym bag up, do some mobility or prep work prior to class....etc. Anyone who is serious about their fitness, doesn't show up to class 5min late and expect to be prepped and ready.

The C5 Staff is pretty strict on our time management, and rightly so, we have a busy program with a lot to execute within our short 60 minute group classes. If you aren't standing at the whiteboard at 459pm for the 5pm class, you're going to miss some critical info that relates to your fitness. Not to mention, if you're late to class, you won't get the proper briefing on the WOD for the day and you're risking injury by not getting a proper warmup. Quite frankly, that's the most important part (and problem) with being late to a class; your safety! We value your safety just as much, if not more, as we value your goals.

We understand that life happens, there is traffic (for the Central Coast), there are late meetings, there are kids, and dogs, and the unexpected stuff that life throws our way. However, when the late attendance becomes the norm, that's a problem. Not only is it disrespectful to your coach, it's disrespectful to the members who are there on time ready to get started at the scheduled time.

In the past, we have rewarded late comers with a burpee penalty. Moving forward, C5 will be implementing a "Late warmup" for anyone and everyone who shows up late to class. If you show up late to class, you can head directly to the med ball shelf and grab a med ball (20# men/14# ladies), jog up to the top of the hill with it, execute 10 med ball squats, and then jog back to class. This will get the blood flowing a bit and then you can touch base with the coach on site to get caught up on what's happening that you may have missed due to your late arrival.

Please be sure to give your best effort on arriving "on time" to class so we can help you become more awesome in a safe way!!

Make it a great week of Fitness friends!