Healing the body…regularly and efficiently


Whether it’s rest, physical therapy, massage, sitting in a Jacuzzi, doing mobility, relaxing in a sauna, a steam room or just doing a little gentle stretching; healing is as much a part of exercise as lifting, running, jumping, etc.

When we look at our activity level, most of us can say we CrossFit, do cardio, endurance training and heavy lifting. But, how many of us can say we fulfill the "other" sides of the equation…nutrition, rest, recovery, mobility, flexibility, mind AND body healing.

Be honest with yourself, could you use more of the "other" stuff?

Yes, yes, yes!

One local C.M.P., Rachel Valliere shared this with me recently…as she was working on my aching body and tired muscles.

Massage therapy is crucial to recovery for high intensity and endurance athletes. After muscle tissue is stressed, due to training, it has to rebuild (becoming stronger than before) through cellular repair and growth.

Without sufficient rest and recovery, overtraining and muscular damage can and will occur. This can lead to all sorts of muscular skeletal problems such as shin splints or stress fractures, neuromuscular damage, or decreased function of the immune & endocrine systems, etc.

Athletes are training to function in the most efficient manner possible.  Often this includes desired increases in strength and endurance. The faster muscle tissue is able to recover, the sooner the athlete is able to stress the muscle tissue again. Deep tissue muscular work helps to speed up the recovery process, allowing for a higher volume of training.

Deep tissue massage will help to prevent injury.  Small tweaks or tears in muscular tissue in a non-athlete often go unnoticed.  However, for the athlete, these stressors often become exacerbated through incessant exercise and muscle fibers become tight, torn or injured.

When was your last deep tissue massage? It may not relax you completely, but it will help you grow as an athlete and most importantly stay healthy and injury free!!! Treat yourself and your body to some intense muscle work, your training counts on it and your body will thank you!

Here are two of the massage therapists that know how to work with athletes who stress their body often.

Esteban "Steven" Vargas C.M.P. (805) 574-9455 Slvargas2008@gmail.com

Rachel Valliere C.M.P. (805) 543-8688 Revallie@gmail.com


Carolyn “CJ” Silas

Personal Coach

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