Our definition (which is evolving over time);

The road to achieving your fitness goals. Finding balance in your personal journey which aligns your goals, lifestyle, and values, as it relates to fitness, while continuing to progress your physical, mental, and emotional state in a forward motion. 

At CrossFit Five Cities, we strive everyday to help people in their Fitness Journey. From beginners to elite level athletes, the journey takes commitment, consistency, motivation, inspiration, balance, and an understanding of why you are on the journey in the first place. You must be prepared for road blocks, struggles, and failures. They are guaranteed to happen. However, along your journey, you will realize over time that these are just the building blocks that make you stronger!

Over the past year, the C5 program has evolved A LOT! Our approach to "fitness" has become more comprehensive as it relates to individual needs. While we still train as a group in a class setting, we have added 3 levels of programming to better accommodate the variety of fitness levels within our community. We have a deeper understanding and design for proper warmup protocols for each workout, proper movement preparation followed by proper cool downs and recovery work after and between workouts.

We are on a constant journey to develop the best fitness program on the Central Coast by providing these programs and opportunities for every individual at every fitness level to get started and continue to progress as far as desired over time.

In addition to these upgrades in our program, we are now offering Exclusive Program Design. Program Design has been developed for each and every individual who desires more out of their fitness and may have specific goals that go beyond regular group classes. We currently have 10 C5 members who are on some type of Exclusive Program Design.

The result;

"While doing exclusive programming with Chad, I've seen major improvement in my balance, strength & basic foundation. I could really tell it was paying off during the class WODS. I started having more solid form with my barbell moves & was able to PR weekly! As a beginning Crossfit athlete, I was able to discuss my goals & have a program designed specifically for me to achieve those goals. I'm well on my way & at a much faster pace than when I was just doing the class WODs. Chad does a wonderful job of identifying weaknesses & building a program to target those areas. I would definitely recommend doing exclusive programming no matter what your skill level is!"   - C5 Athlete; Carolyn Jolly

Think Exclusive Program Design might be for you? You can find more details by clicking here.