It's that time again…………time for BLIND WOD WEEK!!!

Part of the CrossFit motto is "preparing for the unknown and unknowable." 

We take great pride in our program and it's ability to increase everyone's GPP (General Physical Preparedness). When your GPP increases, so does your confidence. BLIND WOD WEEK was developed to help remind you that; You are more prepared than you may believe. You are stronger, faster and more capable of handling physical challenges than the day you started with us! 

What are you training for? 

Some of us train to get stronger, some to get faster, some to lose weight, some for another sport, some to get better at CrossFit…….but we are all training to be a better a version of ourselves, in life, and be better than yesterday! 

You will find the WOD written on the white board when you show up to class today.

ENJOY your week everyone!!! 

FYI: We will be having one class at 9am only on Friday, July 4th in observance of the holiday.