The 2015 CrossFit OPEN season has ended! 

What an AMAZING 5 weeks of effort poured out by all 54 C5 participants! WOW! The C5 "effort" meter was overflowing each week!!! I am SO PROUD of this community for pushing yourselves beyond your perceived limits!

We witnessed high fives, we witnessed tears, we witnessed blood, we witnessed failures, and we witnessed successes. One thing is for sure, we continued to GROW as a C5 community!

At the beginning of this OPEN season, we had a blog post that touched on the mental and emotional side of this 35 day competition. I believe that some of you NOW understand what I was talking about! It can be a draining 5 weeks. From the emotional roller coaster to the torn hands to the muscular fatigue and the CNS fatigue............all compounding together to equal a WHOLE LOT of stress on the body!

This is what we call "CHILL OUT" time for those who are not advancing to REGIONALS. It's time to relax, let your body unwind and recover from the stressors of the OPEN. It's time to reflect on the challenges that this season brought to you, regroup, and decide how you want to approach your upcoming training year.

I realize that some of you are FIRED UP to get more awesome at everything right now! Others are feeling defeated by all of the movements they could not do...YET! That's the beautiful, double-edged sword of The OPEN. It WILL expose your weaknesses. This OPEN season was a great mix of fitness testing as it relates to being "well-rounded" in the sport of FITNESS. It's now an individual choice on how you approach the next training season in preparation for The 2016 OPEN.

Trust me on the aforementioned "CHILL OUT" time. Your longevity will be much better served when we turn things up again! I'm not saying you need to take a week or 2 off (although, for some of you this might be a good idea), I'm just saying you should keep the volume and intensity to a minimum and spend some time on Z1 and mobility this coming week. Don't stress on training too hard this week.

Z1 should be your best friend for the next 30 days. If you're serious about recovery, you will PR on Z1 activity for the month of APRIL! Forgot what Z1 is? Click here for a brief rundown.

For the higher level athlete, it will be a focused, year long training season hammering on everything that hurt you. Density building, accumulation, building your aerobic engine, building your anaerobic engine, getting stronger, getting faster, working on your gymnastic skills, getting more flexible so you can get into better positions.......and on and on!  The list can begin to feel like it's A MILE long! And that's okay! For some of you, it is. You have to accept where you are and get to work on your goals one step at a time if you want to achieve bigger results!

This is just a reminder that your C5 Staff is here to ensure you achieve all the goals you desire! For some it may take weeks, for some it may take years. Either way, we're here to help you along the way. You just have to bring the DESIRE to the table!

Make it a great week C5!