The term "Fitness" means something different to everyone.

Perhaps "Fitness", or "being Fit", means that you can snatch your bodyweight, back squat double your bodyweight, do multiple pull-ups, run a marathon, execute 100 double unders, climb a rope, swim a mile, cycle 100 miles, weigh a certain number on the scale, fit into a specific size of clothing, an aesthetic state, show up to 4-5 C5 group classes per week and still be able to walk normal on the 6th day...........etc.

Whatever your own personal definition of the term is, I can guarantee that you're going to need some patience to get where you're wanting to go. Building aerobic capacity takes time, building strength takes time, adapting to high intensity training (and more importantly, recovering from high intensity training) takes time, building power, endurance, agility, coordination, flexibility, balance......all take time. Point being, it takes time to achieve Fitness related goals.

But how much time?

We get that question ALL THE TIME. How long until I can do this or that, how long until I lose 10lbs, how long until I can do 5 pull-ups.............

There is no magic number of days, or hours, or reps required for your goals. There is however a "Patience" requirement.

So many factors play a role in how long it might take someone to achieve specific Fitness goals; biological age, training age, lifestyle, daily nutrition, stress (ability to cope with, recover from, and limit the wrong types each day/week/month), hydration, sleep patterns, training program, training consistency..........the list can go on!

Please remember, "Fitness is a journey, not a destination."

If your goals are important to you, you will learn to have patience and understand that you have to "put in the time" to achieve them.

The C5 Staff is here to help you achieve your goals. Please don't ever hesitate to reach out to me directly should you want to discuss your individual goals, your current lifestyle factors, and what may (or may not) need to be done to achieve them.

Make it a great week of Fitness friends!!