"Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail."

One of my favorite quotes! 

Striving to always be "prepared",  guarantees a higher success rate in whatever you do.

Being prepared is a choice. Do you make a good choice when it comes to your training preparation?

This week will be a blind WOD week at the box. Workouts will not posted on the website but will be waiting for you on the whiteboard when you arrive ;)

How will you prepare for this; mentally, physically, nutritionally, and with your gear? Do you have a gym bag that has all of your gear (jump rope, knee sleeves, shoes, leg protection for rope climbs, wrist wraps....etc)? How will you eat to prepare (if this is something that you practice). Higher carb, higher protein, higher fat..??

Will we be lifting heavy, conditioning for aerobic pacing, working our high intensity anaerobic engines, practicing gymnastic skills...........

Aghhhh!!! So much to anticipate!!

This is life! We never know what it's going to throw our way. Be strong, be positive, be prepared, and your success rate will be higher because of it.

Make it a great week of Fitness. See you at the whiteboard friends!