1.  the way you think about or understand someone or something.

The highlight of this definition of "perception", provided by Merriam-Webster, is the word "you"........

The way YOU think about or understand someone or something.

We all perceive things in a different way, through our own lens, which is typically based on a combination of past experiences in our lives which in turn, dictates our "perception".

A funny experience happened to me last week in relation to the C5 program.

Most of our wonderful C5 Fitness Community knows that I take Fitness pretty serious, not just my own, but every single individual who walk through our doors. I pour my heart into every single movement, in every single day of our program design, taking consideration for each and every member of our community, their current abilities, limitations, and their goals.

Some may perceive our program as "soft", or "easy", "not gnarly enough to be called CrossFit". Where others may perceive it as "awesome", "intelligent", "safe and progressive with long term results in mind", "balanced"....etc.

I had some feedback from both sides of the spectrum this past week, actually in the same day!

A C5 member had been invited by a mutual acquaintance to a "garage gym" workout that was VERY gnarly. Super heavy loading, super high volume, with a ton of skilled movements involved. After choosing not to partake in the high volume fun, our unnamed acquaintance made some comments that may, or may not, have been along the lines of; "......not all CrossFit gyms program hard workouts. Some gyms program much easier than others......"

On the other side of the spectrum, we had some out of town visitors come train at C5 last week. One of which competed at the 2015 CrossFit Games on his TEAM. His feedback midway through the week at our facility; "Dude, you should sell your programming to others, it's awesome."

This is a beautiful example of perception!

On one end, we have the perception of an uneducated (as it relates to fitness), inexperienced individual who thinks that you get FIT by doing really hard, demanding workouts day in, and day out. What I like to call;  "Hard and Heavy or go home!"

Then on the other end, we have the perception of an experienced athlete who understands the importance of, and concepts behind; training at sub maximal levels, training within your abilities and current skill level, training with intelligence, training for balanced fitness, cycling efforts throughout a given week and month, recovery work, and that going "Hard and Heavy" all the time is a sure way to burnout and injury eventually.

Is there a time and a place for "Hard and Heavy"? Of course there is! Depending on individual goals, we have to push the limits in order to adapt and grow. However, hard and heavy must be relative to the individual. An enormous list of factors must be taken into consideration to determine what "hard and heavy" actually is for the individual;

What is their athletic history, what are their physical limitations, what are their goals, do they have past injuries, training age, biological age, gender, sleep patterns, lifestyle, nutrition........the list goes on.

I know many of you do not have CrossFit/Fitness experience outside of the C5 walls. Many of you never will.

Know this, there is a ton of time invested in our evolving program. The main priority of it; making each of you better human beings in a safe, progressive manner that will deliver LONG TERM results as well as continue to educate you, the athlete, on what we're doing and why we're doing it each day.

Do other people do "harder" workouts?

This depends on your perception of "harder".

Do other gyms have programs that will make you stronger?

This depends on your perception of "strength", is it balanced strength?, is it progressive for longevity?, or just progressive for 8 weeks? Does this gym know if you're balanced from left to right and front to back? Do they care? Do they understand that if you continue to clean heavy loads in high reps with an imbalanced body that something will break!? Again, do they care? Or do they just want to ensure you're lying on your back in your own pool of sweat when you're done with the workout everyday?

Do other gyms take the time to assess you properly?

(via an On Ramp Program or individual assessment) To inform you of what movements you should, or should not, be doing for your own development over time?, to educate you on proper modifications/scaling options that are right for YOU and YOUR goals, that accommodate your age, your limitations, your current abilities....etc?


So much goes into a quality program design that the inexperienced person, who only sees quality through heavy objects and high volume, would never think of all the variables listed above.

A reminder for your week, we may not always perceive things as they truly are. Our own limited knowledge might be keeping us from being apart of something amazing based on our initial "perception". Without the proper knowledge on these things, it's tough to make an educated decision.

We strive to provide you with that knowledge AND results delivering program.

Thank you for your continued support of our program and facility!!

Make it a great week of Fitness friends!!