Balance Heart And Mind

Balance Heart And Mind

      Achieving weight loss as an athlete with demanding performance goals can be like trying to piece together a jig saw puzzle with no idea of the image on the box.  If for one moment you could just get a glimpse of the image you are working toward, your efforts would be greatly improved.  Achieving weight loss while increasing and/or maintaining athletic performance is like a puzzle. Once you understand how to listen to your body, you begin to learn what it’s asking. After you have an idea of how your body works, you can then start putting together the pieces of your body’s puzzle. Once you learn to see the puzzle image, which is to UNDERSTAND what nutrients YOUR body needs and can absorb, achieving weight loss and athletic performance can REALISTICALLY be achieved. While there is no single diet that fits all people, there are some general guidelines that you can follow to help you along the way.

First, here are some questions to consider for your weight loss & athletic performance:

  • 1- Do the meals I eat cater to my weight loss goals while also correctly fueling my workouts according to my expected level of physical output?

  • 2- Are the foods I choose to feed MY body filled with the proper nutrients that HELP weight loss and also ASSIST my athletic performance?

  • 3- What are my long- term goals for weight loss and athletic performance?

  • 4- What foods do I eat when I feel my best, both mentally and physically?

  • 5- Over the last 12 months, have I logged my meals, workouts and goals? If so, did I meet or not meet those goals? Why?

I know those questions are a little overwhelming to have immediate answers for.  They are intended to just get you thinking. Time and time again we ask so much of our mental and physical self, but forgot to record, track and visually see progress. This means we have no way of looking back and reviewing what did and what didn’t work. Equally important is to ask yourself what was occurring during those times. Was life being kind to you which made your goal more attainable? Was life difficult which inhibited you from meeting your goals? Reasons like this are why it is SO important to take a moment and review your weight loss & athletic performance journey. Think about it this way: If you were asked to do a job but had no reference of what your expected job duties were, wouldn’t that make your job feel difficult to the point of being unmanageable? Follow that with DEMOTIVATING?

Eating to lose weight while achieving your athletic goals is very possible! Initially, you just have to manage the initial phases while you learn about your unique body. In the beginning this can feel overwhelming, but I assure you it will not be a task you have to do forever. In the end, you will make progress. After all, investing in your health will be the BEST investment you’ve ever made!  


  • 1- If you have put your best foot forward for an extended period of time (around 6 months or so) and are unable to achieve weight loss & increase athletic performance it is time to devise a new plan, including a revised diet.

  • 2- Do not get caught up in any fad diet. Each and every person has a different way of working. When you force yourself to conform to a specific diet, perhaps because it worked for someone you look up to, it disables you from being able to LISTEN to your body.

  • 3- Remember, those few extra pounds DID NOT magically happen overnight, so, be patient with yourself and kind to your body, both inside and out. Satisfactory results might take some time.

  • 4- If you aren’t able to lose weight and increase/sustain your athletic performance it could very well be that your body is crying out for help. Keeping a detailed journal for 30 days and getting it analyzed can teach you SO much about your body. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT TOOL WHERE YOU WILL LEARN A TREMENDOUS AMOUNT ABOUT YOUR BODY!

Have questions? Feel Confused? If so let’s chat about it.

Cheers to learning about your body!

Nicole Wiggin


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