The feeling of a first…


First toes to bar

First handstand

First pull up

First rope climb

First double-under

First bar muscle up

First ring muscle up


What did it feel like? Was there a rush of adrenaline, pure excitement, a sense of accomplishment, did you get automatically energized, were you surprised?


Picture that moment when you knew you were close…if you mentally go back there, we’ll call it your “AMAZING.” If you take yourself back there in your mind, as you enter the box, walk up to the rack, or approach the barbell, your whole body will follow suit. You will be putting yourself in a positive heart space, preparing your body to succeed.


When we question ourselves right before a rep, a run, a pull up, a handstand, a set of double unders, our body listens to our mind and it reacts. But, when we tell our body it IS going to do something, it will. Maybe not the very first time, but the more we reinforce the positive outcome the better our body will understand our goals. It’s not magic, or a miracle. It’s about staying in the positive, living in the “I can,” rather than the “I can't.”


Try it the next time you attempt something difficult or feel your body being challenged. Quietly, change your mindset; nobody even has to know.

It’s between you and you, in your heart and in your mind.


It may feel awkward or unnatural at first, but when you make it a habit your body will follow.

Yes you can!!!

Carolyn “CJ” Silas

Personal Coach



(805) 295-9151