5.Sept. 2014

Training vs. Testing

We discuss this often in class. You see it posted in our programming from time to time when we are doing a "TEST" and are seeking an "all out effort". 

Hopefully we are doing our job as coaches in educating you on the concepts of training and testing. 



Why do we train? 

To get better for the test. Whatever that test might be; a competition, FRAN, a rep max attempt on a specific lift, another sporting event, an obstacle course race, weight loss, strength gain, Life……etc. There can be many tests, depending on who you are and what your goals are, you might test once every 2 weeks, or once a month, or once every 6 months, or once a year…….you get the drift, it's different for everyone as we all have different goals in life. 

When you train, it's like practice. You're practicing your pacing, your breathing, your movement efficiency, your skills….etc. Get in more practice on these movements and skills, and in return, you get better for your test. This is what we do throughout any given week; we practice for our tests. The thing to remember is that we don't practice at 110% effort day in, and day out. We must keep our efforts under the red line so that we don't run ourselves into the ground on a daily basis. Do we want our bodies to adapt to hard work and volume?, of course (depending on your personal goals), but that still doesn't mean that we run our bodies into the ground every single day. Our programming includes effort percentages for you to follow so that you can remain healthy and strong while getting better for your tests in life. 

Why do we test?

To ensure that our training is working. Testing requires you to give your all out, 110% effort. Push your perceived limits of what you think you can do. Empty the tank! This is when the magic happens! When you stay consistent with our program, you WILL get better at your tests. When you stay on track with your nutrition and your recovery, you WILL get better at your tests. It's a choice. We're here to help you get better! 


w/in 30min, build to a 1rm power clean


5min AMRAP: 

-2 power cleans (80%)

-20 double unders


1. Today is a "TEST". Push yourself 

2. If you do not have double unders, 40 singles