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"I SHOULD......"

There are so many things in life we feel that we "should" do, should take part in, should focus more on, should start, should finish.....etc. 


Why do we feel this outside pressure from our peers, our society, our community to do things that really aren't at the top of our values list?

Maybe it's because deep down, we're all striving to be better!

This "I should..." feeling can even happen here at CrossFit Five Cities. We are a fitness community that supports people of ALL fitness levels, from the beginner to the elite athlete. However, it's easy to get caught up in the "I should..." feeling as it relates to competition, training more, lifting more weight, following a different program, trying movements and/or skills outside of your current abilities. And that's okay! We love pushing people outside of their comfort zones, as that's where the magic happens.

However, the line must be drawn somewhere. We strive to ensure that we are educating our members on the proper, intelligent approach to progressing into larger fitness goals.

If you train with us at CrossFit Five Cities because you want to stay healthy, strong, and be more fit for life, then following our FOUNDATION or LIFE program is a perfect place to sit. There is no reason at all that you "should" try to follow the SPORT program because someone else is, or because that's what the 'cool kids' are doing these days. There is no reason that you "should" sign up for competitions, or train for competitive fitness groups if these things don't align with your personal goals.

Please understand; CrossFit for general fitness and overall health is a COMPLETELY different ball game than CrossFit the SPORT.

Just like playing professional football or at a competitive college level is a COMPLETELY different ball game than playing a little flag football at the park with your buddies on a Sunday afternoon. The game, the preparation, the sacrifice, the commitment, the demands, the risk.......it's all at an entirely different level.

If your friend who you've been working out with at the 12pm class all of sudden is doing "other stuff" in the corner because they have chosen to strive for larger (or more specific) goals as it relates to THEIR Fitness Journey, then there is no reason that you "should" be doing other stuff too if that's not YOUR goal.

We offer 3 different programs here at CrossFit Five Cities for reason, so we can accommodate everyone on a more individual fitness level. You should NEVER feel like you "should" be doing more if it doesn't align with your personal goals.

Friendly reminder; We are all on our OWN FITNESS JOURNEY, with our own set of goals, our own set of values as it relates to those goals, our own lifestyle, our own set of strengths and weaknesses that we want to either work on or ignore. There is no right or wrong decision on HOW you choose to train, it's YOUR life, you have to OWN IT and be at peace with the results that develop from the daily decisions you choose to make.

We're here to support you, educate you, and help you succeed with whatever your goals are!

Make it a great week of fitness everyone!