Surviving a Holiday Cheat Day….


If you give yourself some food freedom on the weekends do you have one Really Bad Cheat Day and The Other Day?

Does it start Friday after work and lead all the way into Sunday night?

Holiday Cheat Day

Going to the Fair Cheat Day

Birthday day Cheat Day

Whatever you Want Day

Going to a big party Cheat Day

Do your cheat days turn into two or three or a Cheat Week.

How do you get yourself back on track?

What does the next day feel like for you? Do you have a food hangover, an alcohol hangover?

When do you allow yourself one cheat day if it's not a special occasion?

The cliché “everything in moderation” is actually a wonderful motto to live by.

When you do cheat, do you suffer from some “body neglect” too? When really, your body already suffers from the toxins, the sugar and often the lack of sleep connected to cheat days.

We all have our moments, our weakness, our favorite go to delicious and naughty foods. If we keep our body moving through those days, we’ll suffer a bit less, not much, but enough to make the symptoms the next day or two a little less severe. Depending on how much you cheat or how bad you cheat.

You can’t beat yourself up for the cheat, but you should remember the negative effects of the cheating. Your body will remember, but it won’t remind you the next time.

It's short term enjoyment, but it leaves lasting effects on your body and in your mind if you're not careful.

Cheater cheater pumpkin eater…what?

Who eats pumpkin on a cheat day, anyway?

Cheat if you like, but cut down the amount of days or how often these days show up. Stay true to the word "day" and don't let it spiral you into "days". Go to sleep without guilt, then get up the next day and get RIGHT back on track. You'll be relieved and quite proud of yourself too!


Carolyn “CJ” Silas

Personal Coach

(805) 295-9151