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Personal Record


PR…What does it mean to you?

Is the meaning of a PR to you your score on the white board? Is your PR how much you lifted…at that moment?

Is a PR your skill and finesse?

Is PR your form?

Is a PR your progress?

Does PR describe how much more you lifted or performed than someone else?


When you’re in the middle of a set and a tough push is needed, what are you thinking of at that precise moment?

Where do you get your motivation?

What should you be thinking?

What’s the best way to focus your mind?

Do you hear your coach’s voice in your head?


Every CrossFit athlete is different. We all deal with a little voice when we lift, jump, run, row, etc. For some, the endurance adrenaline kicks in and you can go and go and go forever. For others, your strength adrenaline turns on and you can lift through even the worst struggles. The key is to stay in the “I can” of your experience.

If you go to the negative, or you question your ability to get it done, your body will listen!Whatever your goals are, only you can be the one to define your PR…Personal Record.


In the meantime, be dedicated to your body, fuel it efficiently, rest it enough and be sure to train the inner voice to stay encouraging and positive, & whatever your fitness goals are…the rest will come.


Carolyn "CJ" Silas

Personal Coach