12min TnG hang squat snatch 3,3,3 (build per set)


6 rounds:

90sec AMRAP:

-2 TnG squat snatch (80% of heaviest 3rep)

-10 bar facing burpees

-AMRAP double unders

rest90 sec b/w each round


rest 5min, then


6 rounds:

90sec AMRAP:

-15 unbroken kb swings

-10 box jump overs (24/20)

-AMRAP burpee pullups

rest90 sec b/w each round



1. score is amrap reps each round.

2. 85-90% effort for each round.

3. Goal is to sustain reps each round, do not speed out of the back end.

4. no bands allowed for burpee pull-ups. If you need assistance, complete using jumping pull-ups.