We have two different categories when it comes to our community and logging your workout results;

  1. Those who log their results
  2. Those who do not

Yogi Berra put it best;

"If you don't know where you are going, you might wind up some place else." 

At CrossFit Five Cities, we stress the importance of logging your workout results from day 1 in our On Ramp Program as well as talk about it each and every week in our group classes. If you're an Exclusive Program Design client, there is no question that you log results, it's mandatory. With our group classes, it's not mandatory, just HIGHLY suggested if you want to achieve any sort of goals in your future.

How can you track your own personal progress if you do not have any valid data to review? How do you know you're getting stronger if you don't write down how much your 5x4 front squat session was last week, or last month, or last year? How many pull-ups could you do 6 months ago? How long did it take you to complete the "C5 5th gear tester" last October? How will you know if you're getting more fit if you don't have a score to compare it to when you retest?

The list of data/logging questions could go on and on! I think it's pretty obvious that without measurable data to review, you are only hurting your ability to measure your own personal progress.

Every individual in the C5 community is on their own personal FITNESS JOURNEY. We strive each and every week to help each of you get better and move closer towards your own personal goals. But without quality data, it get's tough to help individuals with our diverse program when specific questions are asked.

Help us, to help you! Help yourself, to get closer to your goals! LOG everything you do. Write down the number of sets, the amount of the load, how long workouts took you, how you felt, what you ate the night before, what you ate pre workout......etc.

We realize that some of you could care less about this extra 'time investment' called logging. You just want to show up, be told what to do, work hard, sweat a lot, and feel like you got in a good workout. That's GREAT if that's your goal. But, for those of you who have LARGER goals with your Fitness Journey, write it down!

Need help with finding the right logging system that works for you? Talk to any C5 coach and we can give you our opinion and advice on what/how to log so that it works for YOU!

Here's to your FITNESS SUCCESS!!!