OPEN WOD 15.2 is behind us!! Great job by each of you for giving your best effort!!

Similar to last weeks blog post following 15.1 (and 15.1a), "reflection" on your performance is key to your success moving forward!

Do you feel you could have done better? Did you give your ALL? Are you happy with your performance and results? What would you like to be better at for next year? Was muscular endurance your limiter? Or was capacity your limiter? Don't know what either of those mean but would like to? Perhaps it's time to sit down with a coach and discuss program design or specific plans designed to help YOU achieve your goals.

Wherever the answers to these questions lead you, CrossFit Five Cities is here to support you and help you achieve your goals!!

Remember, we are only 2 weeks into our 5 week competition. Proper recovery and scaling your efforts throughout the week are still VERY critical for your performance each week. For those of you who went beyond the first round of 15.2, you most likely have some mild to severe (depending on how deep you went) muscular fatigue and some potential collateral damage on the hands from that WOD. While you may "think" you feel fine and are ready to 'go hard', your body is most likely not ready for that. Plan and prepare for giving your 110% effort on Friday, not the entire week.

Enjoy your week everyone!!