Join Us Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5:30am or 12:15pm for C5 Sweat!

A1. 3xAMRAP(-1) dips @21X1

A2. 3x30sec/side; dual kb front rack split squat static hold

(*must be able to hold bwt for full 20sec before moving to kb fr)

*rest 60sec


B. 4 sets NFT:

30' hsw (or, 1-2 attempts at max distance, or progression work)(*advanced build staircase)

(*sub 30' perfect bear crawl w/foam roller on lumbar)

1-5 bar muscle ups (or progressions)

5-10 strict toes to rings

10alt pushups w/Tspine rotation

60sec sandbag bearhug hold (HAP)

*rest 60sec b/w sets


C. 15min GOAT work of choice (GOAT work may also be executed in lieu of B)