19.4 🤔 How do we feel about THIS one?

Well dudes and dudettes, we’ve only got one more workout to go before we wrap up the 2019 Crossfit Open!

So far Dave Castro has thrown a nice mixture of paces and intents at us with these four workouts. We’ve had Sustainable and Sort (of boring… #sorrynotsorry) Sally (19.1), Explosive and Exhausting Exavior (19.2), Daunting and Demoralizing Donna (19.3), and now Light and Limber Lynette (19.4).

The way in which our bodies adapt and tackle each of these workouts is different based on where our body determines is ideal to release stored energy (sugar) from. However, unless we are getting down to the nitty gritty, talking advanced level athlete material, the requirements for our bodies to do each of these workouts is the same: EAT COMPLEX CARBS AND COMPLETE, QUALITY PROTEINS ON A REGULAR BASIS FOLLOWED BY SOME SIMPLE CARBS (15-30 minutes prior or immediately after) TO SUPPORT FITNESS.

I know, this revelation is shocking. But it is honestly something we all forget from time to time. In order to do high intensity fitness, whether that’s for long duration, with heavy weights, or a short down and dirty workout, our bodies require proper fuel (#C5FUEL) before AND after every workout we execute in order to properly fill our energy stores in all of the available locations (blood, liver, muscle) and repair those locations in anticipation for the next workout. Heck, our bodies can even teach themselves to store faster and in larger quantities the more WE feed ourselves with the proper foods, in the proper amounts, at the proper times. Our bodies are amazing adaptable mechanisms that produce results with exactly what we give it. Our bodies are also extremely individualized and so the only way to determine how to properly feel YOUR body, in the proper amounts, and at the proper times is to educate yourself on all of your options and then TO TRY THEM OUT! Just like everything else in our lives, nutrition is a trial and error journey. Forever and always learning about our bodies - what they want from us and how they respond to what we decide to give them.

As always, feel free to send me an email or flag me down at the gym to ask any and all questions you have or to set up a consultation with me to take your nutrition a step further!

Your C5 NOURISH Coach,