Monday Strength Day

Testing Fitness

As a coach (and friend), it makes me BEYOND PROUD to watch individuals exceed their own perceived limitations. 
There is something about “competition” that brings out another level of effort in all of us. It cannot be found elsewhere. It’s a combination of adrenalin, atmosphere, energy, expectations, support, heart, and drive that result in this magical response that pushes us to excel beyond what we once thought was impossible. 
Saturday, I had the pleasure of witnessing each of our (10) C5 competitors push their own perceived limits at The SLO County Games in Atascadero. They each now understand that they can do more than they once thought possible.

This experience is what builds confidence.

“Confidence is like a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it gets.”

The C5 Program has evolved so much over the past 6.5yrs that we’ve been running. It gets tough to ensure we are meeting the needs of all fitness levels, keeping everyone safe, providing the right amount progression, the right amount of challenges, the right amount of skill work/education, and the proper program design to create balanced fitness for individuals seeking a program to better themselves.
It’s days like Saturday that we get see what the C5 Program delivers;

1. We deliver results
2. Does standing on the podium at every competition we attend determine ones success? Absolutely NOT! We watched 10 out of 10 people who competed today give their all, try things they normally wouldn’t, and push the limits. And while perhaps having a fear of failure, they found the courage to persevere. 
3. Everyone moved well, had a plan, communicated with their teammate, gave their best effort, and, even if something didn’t work as expected, chose to evaluate the situation, and learn and grow from it.

I am ‪#‎BeyondProud‬ to call each of you friends and members of this C5 Fitness Family!