Fueling YOUR Fitness

Fueling YOUR Fitness


The SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT concept to understand is NUTRITION IS VERY INDIVIDUALIZED. Just because something works excellent for one person, DOES NOT mean it will work the same for YOU. So, take a few minutes every day to LISTENto your body. What is it communicating with you? Your body will ALWAYS tell you if something is working or not. Your job is to LISTEN, LEARNand INTERPRETwhat your body is asking from you.

With that in mind, you are already a step ahead in ensuring you have good health and fitness. By simply showing up on a CONSISTENT basis to workout you’re HONORING your body with self-love and RESPECT. So, now it’s time to kick things up a notch! ;-)

How you fuel your body dictates MOST of your workout success. Your body is a powerhouse and is designed to WORK.  However, in order to ensure your body is performing optimally, it MUST be fueled well.



1-HYDRATION, HYDRATION, HYDRATION! Just being slightly dehydrated can seriously inhibit your workout performance. If there is ONE thing you make a habit, STAY HYDRATED. An easy rule of thumb is to drink "50% of your body weight in ounces per day". Keep in mind the amount of water per day will fluctuate around activity and your individual body. This is JUST an easy rule of thumb to follow. Listen to your body and do a little research about hydration done right for YOU.

2-FUEL UP THE DAY BEFORE AND THE DAY OF A WORKOUT ACCORDING TO YOUR SCHEDULED ACTIVITIES. What does that mean? The food you eat the DAY BEFORE is actually what fuels most of your workout for the following day. The food you eat POST WORKOUT is what assists your body with repairing and replenishing the NUTRIENTS you expended.

3-POST WORKOUT FUEL: This meal NEEDS TO BE BIO-AVAILABLE NOURISHMENT FOR YOUR BODY. Less is more. You want to allow your body to work as little as possible with digesting your post workout meal. Ideally, most of your energy should be placed on healing, growing and improving your fitness performance on the inside of your body after a demanding workout.  This is why LIQUID RECOVERY is usually the best post workout meal. The food choices for this are dependent on the type of workout you did and the demands of what works best for YOU.

Here is a quick reference guide to building a balanced liquid post workout smoothie:

  • - SIMPLE CARBOHYDRATES: This is one of the few times you WANT a little higher glycemic index food. Think of food choices that offer a “quick” burst of energy. Grapes, cherries, local raw honey, black strap molasses, pineapple, medjool dates etc.

  • - LIQUID PROTEIN: Choose a CLEAN protein of your choice. Vega Sport Recovery Protein and EPIC sprouted protein are two NK approved choices.

  • - ELECTROLYTES: Add a little coconut water, watermelon or Celtic sea salt to your smoothie. These items help replenish and restore your electrolyte balance post workout.

  • - ANTI-INFLAMMATORY: You just ripped some muscles and stressed your body. You need to assist your body with repairing and healing for a speedier recovery to increase endurance. Try adding some POTENT anti-inflammatory foods like cinnamon, ginger or turmeric to your smoothies.

  • - ALKALINE RICH FOODS: Always think organic GREENS. Eating something green, post workout, is a sure way to help balance the acidity in your body. A little helpful NK tip with selecting greens for smoothies is to use baby greens, like baby spinach or arugula. Baby greens are less tart and bitter. For example, full grown arugula is bitter and has a distinct tart taste, whereas baby arugula is much less bitter and has minimal tartness.

I hope this helps you along the way of learning toFUEL YOUR FITNESS!

In GREAT health and happiness,