Why should 'you' participate in the 2014 CrossFit Open?

Why should 'YOU' participate in the 2014 CrossFit Open? 

As a CrossFit community…..it's a pretty exciting time of the year coming up for us. The first step to the CrossFit Games, known as the CrossFit Open, will begin on February 27th! 

It's the first level of 3 qualifying periods. 'The Open', is a worldwide competition where each athlete must complete one workout each week for a five week period. The athlete will enter their score online each week and be ranked in the world of CrossFitter's. So you might be asking yourself, "Why would I want to participate in that? I'm not an athlete and I don't care where I rank in the world."

Well, the CrossFit Open season is about a little more than that. We recently sat down with one of our most inspirational athletes at CrossFit Five Cities, Lu Zoblisien, to see what she had to say about her participation in last years CrossFit Open;


Why did you sign up for the Open last year?

"I signed up for the open because I was encouraged by my CrossFit Five Cities coaches and all the other powerhouse women of CrossFit Five Cities with the intention of just noting where I'm at so I can improve throughout the year. At the time, I had only been CrossFitting for 3 months. My biggest fear (no joke, I really believed this) was that I would be the last person listed on the leader board…. and not because my last name is Zoblisien. As a kid who seemed to always get picked last for any sport, I feared that if you added me to the C5 roster, I'd bring our team score down! 

But here is what has actually happened...

The first Open workout; 13.1, I suffered through more burpees than I thought I could and found just enough energy to snatch 75lbs over my head at the buzzer for a 101 point score... that's about 61 reps over my goal.

13.2 came along and I had to face the fear of the box jumps.... I still cringe thinking about them! Step up's were permitted but my goal was to just do one 20" box jump with both feet leaving the ground at the same time!!! Do you know how much courage that takes? ?? Lol but I did it and it felt amazing!!! I scored 155 for 13.2, that ended up being 35 more reps than my goal.

Now 13.3 is here... double unders you say??? Well, I can do one at a time, and I knew that because my coach pushed me Wednesday to do so! But then tonight's wod called for unbroken DUs... hmmmm, what do you think happened? Round one, 2 unbroken DU's, round two I got 5!!!!….. 5!!!! Now, 150 wallballs feels nearly impossible but I've learned from past wods that I've been short changing myself and setting low goals...this saturday I want to do 150 wallballs and 5 DU's! Is it a CRAZY goal? Yep... but so was the idea of me doing 70+ burpees, a 20" box jump and 5 consecutive DU's!!! Its all CRAZY! There are mental barriers being crushed and although my weightloss progress is slow, I'm not letting it discourage me to the point of quitting."

How do you feel your participation in the Open has helped you grow, not only as a CrossFit athlete, but as a person?

"Wow, I really surprised myself during the Open last year. It became a very emotional thing for me because I had realized how often in life I had been telling myself, 'I CAN’T DO THAT' because of my weight! I had told myself that lie for so long, I just accepted it for the truth and never challenged it… until the Open! I discovered something inside of me during the Open that I never even knew existed! I signed up lacking confidence, and finished the Open looking for more discoveries within me. I felt so alive and so driven! What else had I been lying to myself about? What else had I told myself I can’t do? After the open I signed up and participated in several events.

Here is what the Open gave me the courage to do: My first 5k, 10k, and ½ marathon; My first muddy madness mud run, My first time hiking to the very top of Bishop’s Peak and Avila ridge (fear of height thing), My first split triathlon and my first Crossfit competition WODtoberfest (that in itself is a whole other amazing experience)!

As a person, I had changed! I stopped the negative talk and putting myself down. I stopped comparing myself to others and celebrated MY victories, big and small. I bonded with the other athletes at the box who are not just friends to me, but a 2nd family! Even my daughter, Jenna Zoblisien, who is now in the  CrossFit Five Cities Kids Klub, is finding her inner strength! I am so proud knowing that I myself am leading by example when I tell her she can do anything she puts her mind to!"

One year later, it's now time for 2014 CrossFit Open. Why did you sign up again? 

"I signed up this year the morning registration opened up! I was one of the first few for my box, I was THAT excited! It was a no brainer decision for me. My motto since I’ve started my journey to a healthier me has been:

'A year from now, you will have wished you had started!'

I am telling you, a year has passed! I sit here being able to look back at not just my numbers, but at the person I was vs. the person I have become and say, LOOK HOW FAR YOU’VE COME!"

"I want to be able to say that every year!"

There is NO DOUBT in our minds that you WILL continue to say that phrase every year! Your motivation, determination, and commitment to becoming a better version of yourself will always produce results! 

We love you Lu!!!

If you're ready to make a difference in your life, get signed up and join your CrossFit Community in this experience! 

You can sign up for the CrossFit Open by clicking here