RXBARS are coming back!!!

If you're a fan of the RXBARS we recently had for sale at the box, good news, they're coming back!!!!

This last month we did a little trial to see if there was enough interest to justify carrying these EPIC bars on a regular basis. Due to the quick sell out, and the community asking for more, we are excited to announce that C5 will now be carrying them on a regular basis. We are currently offering a pre-order for those of you who already know you will purchasing a case (or multiple cases). 

You can click here to place your pre-order now and we will notify you as soon as they drop on our doorstep (hopefully next week!). 

Thanks again for your continued support of our program and organization everyone! We appreciate you! 


Today, we have another highly requested Strength biased training day with some Olympic lifting mixed in. Be sure to focus on your bar path and body mechanics on these pieces so you can actually get better from 'moving better'. Don't get in a rush to increase your loads too much, too early. Get in the reps with quality positions and speed first, THEN increase in awesomeness over time. 

Enjoy your hump day