CrossFit Connects

Tuesday's Coach's Tip brought to you by Coach Sully...

"As coaches, we are afforded a tremendous opportunity to take a step back.  Every day, we watch you all come and go, often times even accomplishing something you never before thought possible.  We also get to watch you all simply interact.

Last week, I just happened to look around and saw so many people the midst of what appeared to be the funniest, most enjoyable conversation.  What really hit home was the dynamic of people in those conversations.  These conversations weren’t between friends and family that came in to the gym in their own secluded, safe huddles.  These were people that for all intensive purposes, without CrossFit or C5 specifically, would not know each other, let alone be lucky enough to call them a friend.  It reemphasized the real reason why most of us do what we do: the community.

We all have a story, each one as unique as the next.  The one common thread in all of our stories, however, is CrossFit.  As our community continues to grow, I want to encourage everyone to continue and reach out to the new face in the gym.  Continue to share barbell racks, boxes and other equipment and simply continue to be yourself and have fun.  After all, you never know who is watching! :)"