We are 2 weeks into The 2018 Reebok CrossFit OPEN and if you haven't learned by now, the tests of fitness that we get presented with require your ability to "get comfortable, with being uncomfortable." 

Something we talk about a lot here at C5, but not something that one can truly understand until you are presented with the actual, real opportunity. 

Prior to The OPEN beginning, we posted a video about "who" The OPEN is for, and "why" one should participate or compete. If you missed that video, can you find it here

Understanding who you are, where you sit with your current level of fitness, and WHY you're competing, will all help determine "how" uncomfortable you choose to get. 

Competition provides the atmosphere to push ourselves beyond the norm. The opportunity to grow from the experience. The opportunity to learn where we break down, where we overcome, where we are strong, and where we are weak. 

Some things we hope you have learned over the past two weeks; 

  • Discomfort is only temporary

  • Having a game plan is CRITICAL for your success

  • The best pacer wins

  • Don't be upset with results that you have NOT worked for (IE: couldn't string together big sets of T2B on 18.1? Did you put in hours and hours of density/volume building on the movement leading up to The OPEN? If not, you're not being fair to yourself if you're upset with what you could NOT do. Make sure you're proud of YOUR full effort based upon where you currently sit and the work you have, or have not, put in).

  • Keep your cool, control your breathing, and remain focused during each effort

  • Easy blood flow/Active recovery after EVERY FULL EFFORT is CRITICAL for your success to recover appropriately to allow yourself to stay strong during these 5 weeks.

We have 3 weeks remaining of this electric, energy filled time of the season. Don't hold back on your efforts for what's left to come. 

Stay on top of your recovery efforts, as it will continue to get harder and harder to recover each week, to be ready to continue giving FULL EFFORT for 3 more Fridays! 

We are sooooo proud of the amazing efforts given by everyone thus far! It brings your Coaching staff pure joy to witness each of you giving your best efforts, testing yourselves, and overcoming your once perceived limitations. 

Keep up the solid work everyone! 2 down, 3 to go!!! 

Make it a great week Fam ❤️💪🏽