“We first make our habits, then our habits make us”

There are good habits, and there are bad habits. 

We all have them. Its a choice to work on the bad ones, and staying consistent isn’t easy. 

Whether it’s regarding your lifestyle, your relationship, your communication, your hygiene, your work ethic, your nutrition, your fitness, your movement mechanics, your sleep…..the list could go on. Habits are associated with all of it. Our habits play a significant role in our success in life, and anything we invest time and energy on. 

I’m going to relate this scenario to Fitness (I know, shocker 😳😂), but the concept is relative to everything in our lives. 

A few weeks ago, we had a blog post regarding the difference between “Practice” and “Working out”.  You can reference it here if you missed it.

Something I see all too often inside the walls of Fitness facilities is the desire to be more than we currently are. To be more fit, to perform better, to look better…..etc. Nothing wrong with the desire, that’s the good thing! The only way these things change/progress, is by a change in our daily actions/habits. 

For example (of thousands I could give), I watch people day in, and day out, “want” to be able to clean more weight on the barbell. But, instead of making the time to “practice” the lift, they choose to continue repeating the same poor movement patterns/habits to get a “workout” in and feel good. 
If I consistently catch the barbell in my hands (with my elbows down), in lieu of in the rack position (with my elbows up), I am continuing to build upon a bad “habit”. Every rep is building muscle memory that is telling my brain; “this is how I catch the barbell”. As these bad reps (bad habits) accumulate, it will become harder and harder to correct this pattern. 

As the quote above stated; “We first make our habits, then our habits make us”. 

Want to perform better in your favorite WODs? 

    •    Invest the time in 'PRACTICE'. 
    •    Have the discipline to choose appropriate loads, and/or “practice” your movement mechanics instead of chasing the clock or whiteboard scores

It’s your CHOICE to make the habit that is slowly making you. 

It’s also your CHOICE to correct that habit, to make you BETTER! 


Make it a great day friends!