muscular endurance


Happy Friday and Happy TEST DAY!!!! 

As promised, we will be having TEST days on Fridays for a couple more weeks. These TEST days are used to test a multitude of physical skills, not just strength. 

Today we will be testing the strict barbell overhead press. How much weight can you push from your shoulders to the locked out position overhead? This is one method of testing your upper body vertical pushing strength. It has a direct correlation to your upper body vertical pulling strength as it relates to "BALANCE" of upper body pushing to upper body pulling. 

As an Exclusive Program Design client, one of the first tests we look at is upper body pulling to upper body pushing to ensure you have proper balance. If you don't, it gives us the "awareness" on what we need to focus on more to help develop your #FitnessGainz 

Our second test today is; The Muscle Endurance Test. This will allow us to see where you sit with your muscular endurance in pulling, pushing, and squatting movements with your own bodyweight. There is a LONG LIST of factors that determine what kind of numbers we'd like to see here based on training age, body weight, fitness goals, ROM, name a few.  

The main points of performance with this test, regardless if you're following the Foundation, Life, or Sport program, is that you stick to the movement you start with. IE: start with your pushups on a 20" box, you must stay on that 20" box the entire 3min. You may not scale a movement during the 3min window. Start with your feet in one spot on ring rows, and you must keep them in that same spot. Start with rope climbs, you must do as many as you can, you may not scale down to rope pulls. This is a TEST. Give your best effort so we (and YOU) can the awareness on where you sit. 

Make it an EPIC Friday friends!