Recovering from Game Day

Clay Van Schoyek from Empower Massage Therapy

Clay Van Schoyek from Empower Massage Therapy

As previously touched upon in the last few blog posts, Game Day refers to the workout, game, event, etc. that you have been training for. It is the day when you expend 100% effort to determine how far you’ve come with your skill and fitness. It is the day which you get to lay it all out on the floor to revel in all your hard work.

As soon as it came, however, it is now over. What do you do now?

You recover.



return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength.

This is not something that just happens spontaneously. In order to recover properly, you must provide your body with the nutrients to heal itself.

A few common “mistakes” about post-Game Day meals:

  1. They are not “cheat” meals or days. They are not a time for you to eat any and all foods in whatever quantities you desire. They are meals and days to replenish what your body has lost or expended. This means quality proteins and carbohydrates. This does not mean alcohol or processed sugars and fats which provide no nutritional value to our bodies, but which can actually inhibit our body’s ability to properly utilize food as fuel.

  2. Reducing caloric intake. Post-Game Day, your body is low on most nutrients and in order to simply survive, let alone repair and recover your muscles, energy stores, and central nervous system, you must ensure you are consuming adequate amounts of calories even if you are not exercising. Failing to provide enough total calories in addition to enough proteins and carbohydrates forces the body to slow its repair processes as normal survival comes first and foremost before the building of muscle and restoring of energy levels.

Yes, by all means celebrate your triumphs, your hard work, your training. But keep in mind that in order for you body to recover and repair itself so that you may return to normal fitness and begin training again, you must provide your body with the nutrients and respect it deserves in order to do so.

Your C5 Nutrition Coach,