How can I improve my digestion and performance?

Building off of my blog post from last week, the ultimate goal of nutrition is to fuel performance. Regardless of where in life you are performing, the only way to perform well is to eat well. This means intentionally consuming foods which make our bodies happy.

We utilize detoxes and cleanses to reset our digestive systems and remove the foods which irritate or upset our bodies. We utilize detoxes and cleanses to feel better. The one downfall to detoxes and cleanses are they they end. Eating well and feeling good shouldn’t have to end. The trick is learning to choose foods which you know your body will respond well to. This is different from consuming foods which satisfy only your mouth and are then resented by your digestive system producing bloating, cramps, gas, etc.

When we consume high quality, minimally processed foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, lean meats, etc., they bring enzymes along with them. Enzymes are the tiny creatures which breakdown our foods. Different enzymes exist to digest proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. When we consume these wholesome foods, they provide our digestive systems with the exact enzymes which digest their particular type of food. This means less work for our digestive systems and therefore a better feeling gut for you.

Now, when we consume low-quality, highly processed foods which contain large amounts of salt, sugar, saturated fats, or alcohol, they do not provide any enzymes to our bodies. This puts a great deal of stress on our digestive systems, forcing them to manufacture enzymes on the spot in order to continue digesting those foods. This is when we rub our tummies and curl up in the fetal position because the digestive irritability is almost unbearable and may result in consequences that could last for multiple days.

Although we may all not want to discuss it, besides digestive and processed our foods so that our bodies may use them as fuel, our digestive systems say a lot about our health status and nutritional habits.

Bowel movements ALSO say a lot about our health status and nutritional habits. Follow the link here to view more details on what your bowel movements indicate about your nutritional status!

Precision Nutrition

Precision Nutrition

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