Competition Preparation: The Crossfit OPEN


Building off of the last few weeks, we are now going to focus our attention to the 5-week worldwide Crossfit competition known as the OPEN.

The OPEN is designed to determine some of the fittest athletes on Earth and allow them to compete for a spot to participate in the Crossfit Games next summer.

For the avid Crossfitter or competitive participant, the OPEN is a chance to push yourself out of your comfort zone to see where your fitness lies at this current point in time. Many use it just for the fun of working hard with their community, while others see it as a test which allows them to determine what skills they have honed in and which need attention in the year to come.

In terms of nutrition, the information you received over the last few weeks around eating for particular facets of fitness in addition to eating for increased volume and intensity will come in handy here.

The OPEN workouts are released at 5pm on Thursday evening and scores are due no later than the following Monday at 5pm. Typically, many individuals are resting or utilizing active recovery on Thursdays, which allows for preparation if the OPEN workout is to be completed that Friday or Saturday.

Key #1: You must eat. Testing fitness and participating in a highly intensive workout is not the time to worry about fat loss. If you do not fuel your body with adequate amounts of nutrients, your body will not perform at an optimal level.

Key #2: Pre-competition eating is not the time to try new foods. Eat foods you KNOW your body responds well to. The last thing you want is gastric distress while trying to give 100% effort to a workout.

Key #3: In order to recovery properly from such energy expenditure, you must eat an abundance of protein and carbohydrates after the workout.

The amounts and ratios are very individualized, but in general you will benefit greatly from consuming a meal high in protein and carbohydrates with either low or moderate fat within 1 hour after your workout.

A failure to recovery properly could hinder your performance for the following week’s OPEN workout.

In the following weeks, we will go more in-depth around how you could fuel yourself for such workouts and what meals are great ideas for post-workout recovery.

Your C5 Nutrition Coach,