Welcome to C5 KIDS!


The C5 KIDS Program is CrossFit geared and designed for kids. No two workouts are the same, so kids and teens never get bored and each workout keeps them excited about participating.

The functional movements involve exercises that are fundamental to all things that kids need to do when they play—pull, push, run, throw, climb, lift and jump. All of the movements are taught safely and effectively under the close supervision of thoroughly trained C5 KIDS Coaches.



Please be sure to contact us prior to bringing your child in to try out our program. You can create a member profile, and sign the electronic waiver for your child by clicking here prior to coming into our facility.

Questions regarding C5 KIDS registration and/or program details, please contact our C5 KIDS Program Director:


*This program is for ages 10-14 only (no exceptions). 

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