Welcome to CrossFit Five Cities!!

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!

New to CrossFit?

This is where you begin your journey with us!


This program is designed to help you understand the CrossFit Five Cities program, as well as, help us assess your current level of fitness, your limitations (if any), your knowledge and ability to execute proper body mechanics and awareness, and your ability to move. This program is MANDATORY for people new to CrossFit and/or the CrossFit Five Cities program.

This includes (but is not limited to): education on proper body mechanics, education and practice on the wide variety of strength and conditioning movements along with their modification/scaling options when/if needed, a 'level 1' physical and mental assessment, and our expectations of you as an athlete at our facility.

Our On-Ramp program will safely prepare you to start your journey to a healthier, stronger YOU.

We want you to understand that our number one priority is to help YOU achieve YOUR desired goals!

No one EVER got fit overnight. It is a process that takes time (months for some, years for others). We need you to understand the basic principles of proper body mechanics and that gradual progression over time in the program is what delivers the results safely!

Why do I need an On-Ramp?

Reason #1: So that you will be a more educated athlete when you transition into regular classes. You will understand the fundamentals, concepts, and expectations of our program, which reduces athlete injury and helps your fitness success. You could injure yourself if you jump directly into the program without understanding the "C5 Rules of Progression":

  1. Understand and execute proper movement and technique.
  2. Execute proper movement and technique in repetition.
  3. GRADUALLY increase intensity and loads.

Reason #2: So that you will understand what we are talking about when we use terms like WOD, rounds for time, AMRAP, clean and jerk, elbows up, shoulder to overhead, get tight, head through, triple extension,  midline stabilization, drive through your heels…….etc.

Reason #3: You will get to know other members on a much more personal and athletic level due to the intimate nature of the small group environment and mellow pace of this On Ramp Program.

How do I sign up for my On-Ramp?

You can create a member profile, sign our electronic waiver, and pay/register for the 'C5 On Ramp Program' by clicking here.  You can also do this by emailing chad@crossfitfivecities.com, calling 805.904.0195, or by coming in and signing up onsite with one of our C5 Staff members.

When are On-Ramp classes held?

Our On-Ramp program is a 2 week program consisting of (4) 90 minute sessions (6 hours of fundamental training relating to our specific program). “On-Ramp” classes will be held 2x per week (times/days subject to change), currently on Thursday nights from 730pm-9pm and Saturday mornings from 715am-845am. Classes begin every two - three weeks (one at the beginning of the month and another near the middle of the month); If you miss any sessions, additional fees will apply to schedule your make up sessions, or, you can make up the session with the upcoming On Ramp Program. It is mandatory to complete all 4 (90 minute) sessions of our On Ramp Program for your safety as well as your success in our program. If you have multiple conflicts with an on-ramp class schedule, please contact chad@crossfitfivecities.com before the program begins and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule through personalized appointments.

*Please note; 1. You will be required to complete our On Ramp Program prior to purchasing a regular membership. 2. You will not be allowed to attend regular group classes while going through the On Ramp Program. 3. Your On Ramp membership is good for the On Ramp Program only, not regular group classes. 4. A regular group class membership will need to be purchased upon completion of the On Ramp Program in order to attend regular group classes. 

What members are saying about the On Ramp Program;

“I thought the On Ramp program was a great way to learn the fundamental movements used frequently in CrossFit. The small group setting allowed for great personal attention from the coaches. Even if you are familiar with many of the lifts, it was a perfect way to refresh your skills and focus on proper techniques, which is essential to staying healthy and avoiding injuries.” – Cherine Cantua

“After being out of the gym for so long and seeing what the elite CrossFitters can do...I was a little intimidated! The On Ramp program showed me how the workouts could be scaled to my personal abilities, giving me a way to get a grueling workout without being discouraged by the WOD at first glimpse. One of the things I really love about C5 is the levity that the C5 staff brings. The other part of C5 I love is the community, or should I call them family!! These people are great! They are glad to see you, and if they haven't met you yet, they make sure they introduce themselves!! I don't know how other boxes are but I'm pretty darn happy with where I've landed!!” - Jeff Porras