How do the C5 Group Classes work? 

Here at C5, we understand that everyone is different, and each of us has our own, individual goals, values, limitations, and lifestyles. It is impossible to have a "one-size-fits all" Fitness program.

We are committed to ensuring that everyone in our program gets results, and gets them safely through proper movement progressions and optimizations.

This is why we value our BFA (Basic Fitness Assessment) scoring system to paint us, and you, a clear picture on where your current level of Fitness sits, so we can provide appropriate optimizations each day based upon your current level, the present days intended workout stimulus, and your goals, values, and lifestyle.

Every C5 member will have a BFA completed within their first 30 days in our program.

We currently offer two, Group Fitness Programs, both of which, align with the C5 philosophies for BALANCED FITNESS.

This includes (but is not limited to); being exposed to the 10 General physical skills on a weekly basis, being exposed to the different energy systems and understanding how to progress within each system, when/why to take rest days and/or, reduced effort training days, relative to your lifestyle, training volume, as well as in relation to your biological age, and training age. What mobility/stretching/body maintenance & recovery is, and why it's important for your longevity, avoiding injury. The importance and understanding of your mindset and how it is in direct alignment with your performance and overall success, in not only our Fitness Program, but in your daily LIFE.

We don’t consider one ‘better’ than the other, they’re just ‘different’. Each designed with a different intent, to meet different goals and needs, for YOU, the individual;


Our 30min class. Workouts combine simple bodyweight, gymnastics, and light lifting movements, for a high energy workout. Guaranteed to be short, fast paced, and FUN! You’ll be in and out in 30 minutes!

Click here for a sample week of what our C5 SWEAT Program looks like


Our 60min, group CrossFit class, designed to take your Fitness to the next level. Whether you are wanting to learn more complex movements and skills, or you are wanting to increase your GPP (General Physical Preparedness) for your recreational sport and/or for the physical demands of real life, this program is a great place to hang out! This program will help you develop your balanced fitness with an annual progression plan. Here you will increase your overall strength, enhance your movement mechanics, learn how to move efficiently through workouts, enhance your skills, you will experience olympic lifts, and how/when to increase loads, you will experience A LOT of variation in movements, reps, sets, time domains, advanced gymnastic movements, how/when to push yourself to the limit, and when to pull back. This program is a great place to stay forever for those seeking health, longevity, and balanced Fitness. Our highly knowledgeable Coaching Staff will be there to help optimize the workouts on a daily, as needed basis, to ensure you are getting the intended stimulus from the workout in a safe, appropriate manner, that aligns with your current Fitness levels and goals.

Click here for a sample week of what our C5 THRIVE Program looks like