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"I began CrossFit in 2011, working out in group classes for the first 2.5 years of my CrossFit journey. As I became more competitive with the Sport, I decided to make the move to Individual Design (ID). Since making the switch from group fitness to ID, my skills, abilities, strength, and overall athleticism, have elevated beyond what I had ever thought possible! Working with a C5 ID Coach to address MY individual weaknesses, and needs, has allowed me to make improvements in my overall fitness, and remain healthy while doing so. I truly enjoy knowing that each workout is tailored to meet my needs and help get me closer to reaching my goals."

~C5 Athlete and Coach; Michelle Cavaletto 

"Since I have started Individual Design, I have made huge gains. In particular, my mental strength has improved considerably. Chad does a wonderful job assessing my strengths and weaknesses and designs my workout programs accordingly. I have loved the energy system work and have really learned how to pace specific workouts as it relates to different movements and different time domains. I have been crossfitting for over three years now - but since I have started following the individual design I have improved more than ever! I look forward to continuing on this journey and evolving into the best athlete I can be. This wouldn't be possible without the exclusive design that Chad has created for me."

– C5 Athlete & Coach; Nickole Sutter


 “I became an ID client in September 2015. I had been attending group CrossFit classes at C5 for awhile leading up to that, but never consistently. Even with scaled versions of certain workouts, I still found myself not being able to progress very far, and even worse, getting injured from time to time.

When ID was offered, it seemed like a natural fit. I wanted to take care of myself at the ripe old age of 45 and I didn't need to be training at a level that was competitive at all. The extra attention to my specific needs was a huge draw, as was the built-in accountability of having to report my workout participation and results on a daily basis.

It all has gone according to plan since then. Instead of attending classes 2-4 times per week (and rarely 4, to be perfectly honest), I've been consistently exercising 5-6 days a week for the last three and a half years. When my "real life" outside the gym gets intense, my program prescription gets dialed back accordingly. When I've had the occasional injury (unrelated to C5 activities), my workouts are adapted to keep me active regardless. And through all that I've accomplished things at C5 that I had never done before. The latest example is that I can now execute a legless rope climb!

I cannot thank C5 enough. They are a Team of excellent Fitness Coaches who truly care about the clients. The facility is top notch, clean, and a joy to use. And the sense of community among the coaches and other clients is something that's become very important to me.”

~C5 Client; Stefan Podell


“My fitness goals and desires changed when I joined CrossFit Five Cities in September 2014 at 61 years of age. Joining classes in weightlifting and strength building changed my body in many positive ways and increased my metabolism.

After two plus years in the class format, the Individual Design (ID) program was implemented and I was given a personal assessment of my body’s abilities. To reach my personal goals required more of a specialized approach than classes could provide.

In December 2016, I moved into the ID program and loved it.

My favorite aspects of the ID program/Personalized Fitness here at C5 FIT are:

■ I don’t have to think about my workouts - they are programmed for me by someone I trust and know.

■ The programming done for me is directed at helping my body reach my specific goals.

■ The gym is open convenient hours for my schedule, and always has a very knowledgable Coach onsite to guide and direct me as needed.

■ One of the most rewarding aspects has been watching my muscle development - pretty wonderful to actually SEE the muscles respond to the hard work put in during workouts.

■ An added benefit to C5 FIT is the quality of the other members - people who also care about their physical health and will encourage you in yours!

Chad Franco has assembled a staff of dedicated coaches who all have the same focus which is to help C5 FIT members reach their physical health goals. They are knowledgeable, skilled and professional in their own physical health and will pass that knowledge on to you.

As a woman who came to real strength training later in life, I am ecstatic to be part of C5 FIT!”


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