What is Individual Design?

C5 Individual Design (C5 ID) is your own personal program, designed by a C5 Head Coach to specifically target your individual weaknesses, imbalances, and Fitness goals. An ID Program can be designed for; performance, strength, weight loss, aesthetics, rehab, maintenance, health & longevity, competition,……and all other areas of Wellness & Fitness.

It all begins with an in depth consultation to discuss your lifestyle, your goals, your values and priorities in life. Once we ensure that this partnership makes sense, we commence your C5 Comprehensive Fitness Assessment to help you, the athlete, and us, the Coach, expose and understand what our priorities should be for your individual Fitness Journey. 

Our C5 Fitness Assessments will look at four key areas. Listed below are details on those four areas;

  1. Body Composition & Fat Distribution testing will note your current physical state so you can measure changes over time based on changes to your nutrition and training routine.

  2. A Movement Analysis will identify imbalances from right to left or limitations in your range of motion to assist in injury prevention and overall health.

  3. A Strength Assessment will measure current strength in six areas including (but not limited to); upper body pushing, upper body pulling, bending, squatting (single and double leg), and core.

  4. Work Capacity Testing is designed to assess your overall ability to "get work done", utilizing various energy systems and time domains, based upon your personal goals and current level of Fitness.

There are many factors that go into individual design which will be discussed during our initial consultation. 

Fitness and health is a journey, so it needs to evolve as we do.

You may have seen some of our competitive athletes and/or determined members with specific goals off to the side doing their own thing during, after or before class times; this is Individual Design. These are people with focused goals that they want to achieve and have realized that they are ready for the next step outside of what group programming can provide, to help them achieve their desired results.

These designs are not just FUN workout prescriptions based on scaling or modifying our current program. We base it on where you are at this current moment and where you WANT to go so that we can properly progress you to those larger goals over time.

You don't have to be an elite level athlete, be interested in competing, or have any specific level of Fitness/Athletic ability. The only requirements are that;

  1. You desire to be better

  2. You are willing to invest in yourself

  3. You are prepared to be open and honest about your lifestyle, nutrition, values, and goals.

Individual Design starts with an initial questionnaire, followed by a one-on-one consultation, and then, an individual comprehensive fitness assessment to determine a starting point.

  • Do you have specific weaknesses that need to be addressed?

  • Do you have specific goals you want to achieve?

  • Are you feeling like you want to come to the gym more than just group class, but are unsure what you should be doing?

  • Do you need direction with your supplemental work?

  • Do you want to understand more about your movement mechanics and/or limitations?

  • Do you want to take your fitness to the next level?


Read what our Individual Design clients are saying about their experience;




"I began CrossFit in 2011, working out in group classes for the first 2.5 years of my CrossFit journey. As I became more competitive with the Sport, I decided to make the move to Individual Design (ID). Since making the switch from group fitness to ID, my skills, abilities, strength, and overall athleticism, have elevated beyond what I had ever thought possible! Working with a C5 ID Coach to address MY individual weaknesses, and needs, has allowed me to make improvements in my overall fitness, and remain healthy while doing so. I truly enjoy knowing that each workout is tailored to meet my needs and help get me closer to reaching my goals."

~C5 Athlete and Coach; Michelle Cavaletto 

"Since I have started Individual Design, I have made huge gains. In particular, my mental strength has improved considerably. Chad does a wonderful job assessing my strengths and weaknesses and designs my workout programs accordingly. I have loved the energy system work and have really learned how to pace specific workouts as it relates to different movements and different time domains. I have been crossfitting for over three years now - but since I have started following the individual design I have improved more than ever! I look forward to continuing on this journey and evolving into the best athlete I can be. This wouldn't be possible without the exclusive design that Chad has created for me."

– C5 Athlete & Coach; Nickole Sutter


“As an ultra distance endurance athlete in my late 40’s, I knew that both my body & my mind both needed a new strategy to ensure longevity and joy in my fitness lifestyle. Lots of miles, races and menopause challenges had taken a toll and rather than dial back, I decided to level up my game. Having experimented with countless types of strength, flexibility and coaching programs, I have never experienced anything that comes close to what CrossFit Five Cities offers. The coaches are top shelf, fully engaged and invested daily in my success. In just 5 months of the ID Program I have shed 6.65 inches of body fat and 3.1lbs. Even better than that, I literally CRUSHED all my test benchmarks with PR after PR, proving that my aging female body can still progress in all areas of fitness. I am proud to be a member of this C5 Community and can’t wait to see what challenges are next!” 

~C5 Athlete; Samantha Pruitt



If you think you might be ready for the next step in your fitness journey, or are ready to focus on some specific areas in your fitness, contact a C5 ID Coach (below) to schedule a consultation and assessment to see if Individual Design is for you!