Being your best self is something we are HUGE advocates of here at C5.

This starts with understanding that "nutrition" is the foundation of ANY Fitness program and the results you will achieve are in direct proportion with the foods you choose to consume. Let me repeat that;

".......the results you will achieve are in direct proportion with the foods you choose to consume."

No one can out train poor nutrition. Your Nutrition is THE KING of your daily performance, your aesthetics's, your energy, your ability to recover from workouts, your moods, and so much more relative to your overall health & wellness. 

Without proper nutrition, you diminish your ability to achieve your fitness potential, and/or, your overall HUMAN POTENTIAL.



Something to understand;  we are all different, we all have different lifestyles, different DNA, different stressors in our daily lives, different needs, and different goals. There is no one-size-fits all nutrition plan and your individual nutrition prescription will change as you evolve in your fitness journey.

The subject of Nutrition can be a VERY deep, deep, rabbit hole should you choose to venture down it. 

There are a few basic, simple truths that stand strong, regardless of which avenue you choose to venture down; 

  • Fad diets do NOT work for the long term.

  • Eat REAL food. If it comes in a bag or a box, it's most likely processed, and/or has some type of additive or preservative in it that is not optimal for your health.

  • If you value your health, your aesthetics's, and your performance; avoid sugar, avoid fast food, avoid soda (and sugary drinks, this includes alcohol), avoid processed foods with little to no nutritional value.

  • Protein is needed to build muscle.

  • Carbohydrates are needed to fuel high intensity, AND aerobic training. You will crash and burn if you attempt to follow a CrossFit program on a diet with little to no carbs.

  • Fat does NOT make you fat. High quality fat sources are needed for your health and well being (a long list here). High glycemic (high sugar content) carbs WILL make you fat, especially when processed, and they accompany a sedentary lifestyle.

We look at nutrition just like we look at Fitness, it's a journey, not a destination. Your nutrition practice should evolve as YOU evolve.

To get you 'started' on understanding the basics of nutrition, we have developed an outline (Nutrition 101-103) to provide you with some guidance. You can review those documents by clicking here. 

You can learn more about our in-house Nutrition Coach, Emily “Wick” Wicklund by clicking here.

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