Families that CrossFit together, grow more AWESOME together!!! Meet the McCardell family; Stefan, Caity, and their two kids, Gianna and Colin.


Colin: (age 10)

How long have you been attending CrossFit Five Cities? 6 months

What do you enjoy most at C5? The coaches are really nice and there are a lot of squats.

How do you feel C5 has impacted your life? It has made me stronger, it has made me practice more movements at home, and it has made me more successful on a physical level.

Gianna: (age 12)

_MG_9570How long have you been attending CrossFit Five Cities? 1 year

What do you enjoy most at C5? The people and getting to work out.

How do you feel C5 has impacted your life? Positively – I'm stronger and I succeed at PE at school.


CrossFit Five Cities has transformed the fitness level of my family and has inspired us to reach for physical and mental toughness that I didn't know we had. The coaches at CrossFit Five Cities are committed to excellence but they're also approachable, enthusiastic and friendly, and the environment is so supportive. Even though it's the hardest work I've done, it's a great place to come back to!

I've never had a CrossFit Five Cities coach tell me they're too busy to talk to me, so each class is like a private fitness coaching session. While I've seen advances in my own fitness and mental toughness, the extraordinary impact CrossFit Five Cities has had on my family is also notable in my two young children. I'm not sure what the magic is about the kids classes, but my children work so hard, push themselves to their limits and still come back for more.

The kids' coaches are patient and super fun - they really know how to inspire kids to be more than fit. The CrossFit method has transformed my pre-teen into a collaborative, communicative and confident young woman and my 9-year-old son into a boy who knows he can accomplish anything with commitment and hard work.

If you're a parent, you can imagine how much that means to me! I trust Chad's team of dedicated coaches - not only with my children but with my fitness goals. I'm stronger and slimmer since starting Crossfit, but much more importantly I'm a part of a community of supportive, fun people. I'm grateful to CrossFit Five Cities for its influence on my entire family, and I recommend them highly to anyone of any age and level of fitness.



I've been attending CrossFit Five cities regularly since November 2013. I spent a few months there prior to that but because of a desk-job-related neck issue, I had to stop for a little while.

What do you enjoy most at C5? I can't narrow it down to one thing! The coaching is top notch, in terms of expertise and just the right balance of intensity and humor. The community of athletes and coaches is friendly, supportive, and inspiring – I still remember how great it felt the first time some of the other athletes in class, whom I didn't even know, started encouraging me as I was finishing the WOD! And the box itself is clean, well-equipped, and spacious.

How do you feel C5 has impacted your life? Most importantly, of course, I can feel the changes in my body as my fitness has improved. I'm not a competitive athlete, but now I have more energy to have fun out in the world, especially with my kids! And on top of it all I've made good friends. What a joy it is to be around people who are dedicated to improving themselves and walk their talk consistently, day after day!

Photo credit: Jr. Olivas Photography